Friday, February 18, 2011

Matilda needs your help! She wants to spay and neuter as many pets as she can, but she needs your vote! PLS vote and spread the word! Thanks!

Matilda is on a mission! And she needs your vote! She's helping to spay and neuter dogs and cats! She's finally just made it to 1st place, but she needs your help keeping staying there...this contest has been very close!

Okay Pittie people we need your help! Not only does Matilda deserve to win, but how great would it be for a Pittie to win?! Last years winner was a Pittie...lets make it 2 years in a row! Please pass this along and help us out! Thanks!!

We need your help! The more votes Matilda gets the more dogs they can help! So please vote! It's $5/vote & every $1 donated goes directly to Lost and Found Dog Rescue's "De-Sex in the City" Program! Please pass this on and invite your friends to help!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Matilda this is her story.

Matilda is a 2 yr old sweetheart! This girl isn't only beautiful on the outside, but inside as well! She's loves everyone, is always happy and always has a smile on her face! She literally bounces with joy and you can't help but feel good when she's around! This girl is pure sunshine! She enjoys being around other dogs, loves all people big and small and gets along with cats, too ...although they don't always like her! Matilda, or Mossimo as she's often called, just wants to have fun and the world is her playground! She loves to run, play with her toys, ride in the car and snuggle with her pillow!

She came from a shelter where her time was running out, but she was a staff favorite and they did everything they could to help her get into a rescue. She's now safe and sound and ready to embark on her new life as an ambassador to her breed! She's working to get her Canine Good Citizen and hopes to be a therapy dog one day! Matilda is the perfect candidate for the job!"

So, please vote for Matilda! And PLEASE spread the word! Thanks!

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